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Where is IT in its Lifespan?

Where is IT in its Lifespan?

I wonder where IT (information technology) is in its lifespan? We’ve had computers for over 50 years now and computing devices for much longer. Recently, I read a slide from a professor at MIT (through their Opencourseware site) about the progress of manufacturing as compared to the progress of computer development. The slide is great because it shows that if Rolls Royce developed cars at the rate of progress as computers have evolved, then a car would need repairs once every 1000 years, get 40,000,000 mpg, etc…

This example puts the progress of computer development in a positive light — we’ve come a long way, baby. Forgive me, Virginia Slims.

On the other hand, IT as an industry is relatively young. If we’ve only been at this game for about 50 years, then we’re hundreds of years away from being as developed as the manufacturing industry.

Bran Ferren, of Applied Minds, talks about just how far away from being in a sweet spot we are in his interview at IT Conversations. While I do not necessarily think we’re in a bad spot, we are in our infancy. I feel frustrated from time to time when we design applications or networks for clients and either they only think that they see the true potential of the technology and do not or they want a great application, but do not have the budget.

If our industry were a bit further along, maybe some of this would be eliminated. It’ll never go away — that’s for sure.

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