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Hiring a Great Designer – Knowing People

With most of the work we build these days concentrating on software development and IT strategy, it never hurts to read about the power of relationships and personal interaction. How to Choose a Designer lists the basics of picking anyone to work with: Enthusiasm Experience Flexibility Speed Trust IMHO, trust is the most important. Without it, all else can be

Ever Hired the Wrong Sales Person

I have. I failed at it every time when I hired a person specifically for sales. However, when I hired someone for another position and migrated that person into a sales position, we found mutual success. Jim Berkowitz’s CRM blog cites an article from Selling Power. His post is a good intro to the lengthier article and excellent for those

Update on Carbonite Online Backup

I’ve been using Carbonite for a few weeks now and it’s been backing up ~25 gigs of my data. It’s been really great not having to worry about the archiving and security of the files. Between the time I started using it and now, a friend had his laptop stolen. He lost pictures and videos of his family in addition

Google Spreadsheet Service – Not about Excel in the Office

The new Spreadsheets service from Google is great for our family. It’s free, online at all times, backed up, and accessible from any PC I visit. This means that my wife and I can edit our family budget, gift lists, etc… I can open up the file for her to view and/or edit. No need for VPNs or other connection