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Independent Consultant IT Resources

Independent Consultant IT Resources

A few weeks ago, I decided to make a career change. This change calls for me to give up the wonderful use of a corporate IT budget to pay for Exchange, SharePoint, and a “free” laptop. In the space of a few days, I turned in a Windows Mobile cell phone and Tablet PC, too.

You can imagine the feeling of technological nakedness!

In less than 24 hours, I was able to move to GMail, Google Calendar, Backpack, and get a new mobile phone from Verizon that doe snot have my calendar and e-mail on it. HP is building a laptop for me (yeah, just for me…) right now.

>From a a usability standpoint, how does the switch compare? It’s not perfect, but it is operational at about the same level of efficiency. I definitely miss having e-mail & calendar access all day. There is some personal relaxation in that though. There’s no fee for any of these services — that’s really nice. The other thing that’s really nice, is that all of these services I now use are available online through a web browser. No need to VPNs or files tied to a particular computer.

Here’s what I dislike: I know there is a better way to perform my business functions using different software tools. I know that using NetSuite or SharePoint would be ideal for unifying data and providing clients access to files and data. All independent consultants should strive for the same unified view of clients that enterprise clients request.

Until my new laptop arrives, it’ll be interesting to see how this “live online” business model works and how it affects my long term use of laptops and computers.

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