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Om and BlackBerries — he’s right on the money. BlackBerries are the best. I’ve tried Windows/Microsoft solutions and they are OK, but no one beats RIM. Technorati tags: blackberry mobile email e-mail

Getting Ready for the Holidays — a sales tip

It’s probably a good idea for those of you who are out there in the sales world to start thinking about holiday presents for your clients. It’s never too early.  Some of you may never have sent anything, and some of you may send great gifts. I would encourage you to send something other than a stock letter. The reason

Comment on Dealing with an Angry Customer

Seth Godin had a great post a few days ago. It discusses tactics to deal with an angry customer. If you’ve ever dealt with someone who is very angry, its worth the read. If you haven’t, e-mail me and tell me your strategy…

CRM — Doomed to Fail or Finally Realistic?

A recent article posted on talks about a resurgence in CRM deployments and addresses some of the chief problems in rolling it out: “A lot of people are finding out CRM is a lot harder than they thought,” Nelson said. “If you have a decent IT department, you can install CRM. The problem becomes fundamentally changing your philosophy of

Planning for Disaster — a tip

We often talk about making sure that your disaster recovery plan and  your backups are in place, they’re tested, and someone’s checking the log files. If we’re very good, and by good I mean we’re being good boys, we will also have a plan to review the backup and do some test restores. However, sometimes when people are purchasing new hardware and

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