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A Shift in the Blog

A Shift in the Blog

In the past few weeks, I’ve neglected to blog about anything. For those of you subscribed to my feed, you’ll notice the daily updates, but no one has seen anything remotely resembling a true post.

The reason I’ve been lax is because my current contracts are really taking up the majority of my time. However, I’ve shifted some priorities and will now post regularly.

The blog posts are going to concern themselves with business development, sales, marketing, and some IT items. The shift in topics is driven by the recent business contracts I’ve received. The posts from this blog will be used by the teams related to these contracts.

Instead of working with only a limited audience via e-mail, I will post general information related to business development and IT to the blog so all of the contract companies can see them. (Don’t worry — no proprietary info will be disclosed!)

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