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Ryanair vs Delta

Ryanair vs Delta

I’ve long been a fan of Delta. Since I live in Lexington KY, I grew up flying Delta. However, as I sit on a very crowded flight to San Diego, I’m beginning to reconsider.

First, allow me to say that I understand revenue drivers — especially if Delta is coming out of bankruptcy.

Ryanair is an Irish airline famous for cheap flights. The company subsidizes its costs and pulls in great profit by selling everything else — even advertising space on the outside of its jets. OK — cheap flight and pay for everything else. I understand that.

Delta, on the otherhand, has normal prices and sells everything. I’m on a cross country flight and have been asked to pay for the headset ($2) and the movie ($5). Should I want to play a game, well, that’s $5, too.

Maybe its not fair to target just Delta. But, instead of nickel and diming us, charge $10 more per seat and give us the headsets, movies, and food.

Packaging makes a big difference.


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