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Ownership and Passing the Buck

How many times have you been involved in a project where no one seems to take action until a deadline looms– then you have to manage the actions? Have you had to lead a project to get the information needed for a proposal or a report to management? When I speak to groups and ask these questions, almost everyone in

How Unique and Sexy is Your Business? Does it Matter?

Do you need to be unique? Will it give you a real competitive edge? In my work with various companies, I find some companies who concentrate on unique offerings to clients. Do you really need to be unique to be successful? The answer is “No” if your definition of success does not involve being unique. Here’s a question to think

Happiness — An Amazing Book

Ever read something that has a profound effect on your thinking? I’ve almost finished Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill, by Mattieu Ricard and it is a must-read book. Ricard is a Buddhist monk, but the book is not about Buddhism. It is about defining what happiness is, why we struggle with it so much, and what

Conference Call Tips

Lately, I’ve been on a lot of conference calls and have more to look forward to. Instead of burning up my Verizon minutes or my clients’ long distance tolls, I’m going to call in using Skype. At $0.02/min, its the cheapest way to connect. Also, if you need a conferencing services, I’ve participated in great calls with The calls

Today's Presentation

Here’s today’s presentation, courtesy of Zoho.