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Presenting Slides – Don't Make This Mistake

Today, I attended a presentation online. The company’s first 20 (yes 20) slides were direct from their site – which I had already read. Make sure you ask your prospect what he/she has already seen or knows prior to starting a presentation.

For Lexington Vistage Members

This is a follow-up to the recent sales presentations in Lexington. You may be interested in these resources when considering the management of your sales teams: — a free or pay web database of executives at companies nationwide. I recommend this to all businesses with sales people. — a “six degrees of separation” free service. It’s like Jigsaw,

Sales Commissions – Professional Services

In my previous post, I listed some questions related to general company compensation plans. This post is about sales-specific commissions and compensation. It does not delve into the intricacies of every factor involved, though. This is a primer on commissions from my perspective with a few brief examples at the end of the post. First, let’s look at this question:

Compensation Plans – Planning your growth

About a week ago, I commented on a post at David Maister’s site related to sales commissions. Both David M and David Kirk asked for a bit more explanation of my comment. (This is not uncommon since I can be unclear more often than not!) This is a copy of the original comment post: I see different compensation schedules at