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Competition for iTunes and an Endorsement

Amazon offers music downloads. You can copy them as much as you want because they are “DRM-Free” — meaning there is no digital rights management technology. It’s legal. This means I can now buy MP3s from Amazon, download them onto one computer, and use another computer (or XBOX/Playstation) to access them elsewhere in the house. So, my wife is happy

Professional Service Firm Web Sites

While on a semi-holiday (not in the office, but working), I read a blog post by David Maister entitled Digital Marketing for Professional Firms. As usual, I enjoyed reading his post — but the comments are better. Michelle Golden wrote a great response and I must cross post and comment. Emphasis added is mine. I agree entirely with “‘demonstrate don’t

$20,000 Extreme Technology Makeover

My new firm, Hensley, Elam, and Associates, is giving away new hardware, software, and services to a few businesses in the Bluegrass region. We are taking applications from for-profit and non-profit businesses in need of help with their technology. Our Ingram-Micro rep, Sara, gave me the idea so I cannot claim it as my own. The contest will have multiple