Red Cross Heroes The Bluegrass Area Chapter of the Red Cross is raising funds and I’ve agreed to help. Their Heroes Campaign is designed to raise about $80,000 and nominate people in the region to be recognized for their heroic efforts.

I’ve agreed to be one of the team captains and raise at least $3,000 by March 24th. This is a request for your help.

If you donate to the cause, I’ll match your donation and you can nominate someone to be a Hero.

I would love to show our local chapter the power of online fundraising. If you choose to donate online, please put my name in the “Comments” box on their form.


Here are the steps to take:

  1. Decide to help the Red Cross — do you really need to decide to help them?
  2. Choose how much to donate. I suggest a minimum of $25, but I’d love to see an average online donation of $100.
  3. Choose your method of donating. This Red Cross page gives you many ways:
  4. Just write my name in somewhere on your donation or e-mail me to let me know you donated. You can also use this blog post and comment your amount. I’ll match it.
  5. After you donate, don’t forget to nominate a Hero using this PDF:
  6. Fax the PDF to me at 859-422-8422.

The timeframe is tight — just a month — so let’s get to it!

And of course — all donations are tax deductible!

The thousands of people aided in the area thank you.