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We Almost Had a New World Record

For those of you who don’t know, Tyson Gay almost set a world record today. He had too much help from the wind so the time does not count. However, no one has ever run a 100 meter race as fast as Tyson. The reason I care: he is from Lexington KY and went to my high school. So, here’s

Business Reasons to Use Facebook

Today happens to be my birthday. As soon as I woke up this morning, I had a few e-mails and SMS (text) messages. People used my Facebook profile to learn about my birthday and reach out. There are a number of reasons to use Facebook for business. Birthdays — people must list their birthdays in Facebook. A birthday is a

Basecamp, Highrise and Backpack

No, this is not a post specific to travel or how to survive the wilderness…however it is specific on how to survive, or at least make it easier, to survive and manage your business. Here is a brief look at each one: Basecamp Project management made easy. I know there are many solutions out there, and believe me, I have