During the past few weeks and over the next few weeks, there will be a great deal of social media discussions. We’ve given 2-3 of them and will probably continue that trend each week.

One of the most common questions I get: “How do I limit who sees my Facebook posts?” The posts (status updates) can be limited by going into the Settings area. Follow these instructions to limit who sees what…

  1. Mouse over Settings in the upper right after you are logged into the Facebook site
  2. Click Privacy (the page will change)
  3. Click Profile (the page will change)
  4. Choose the drop down option in the “Wall Posts” section and click “Customize”
  5. A new window appears. You can make change here and at the very bottom choose to exclude specific people or people in any of your Lists. (I suggest putting all Friends in Friend Lists so you segregate work, personal, family, etc…)
  6. When finished, save the settings.

That’s it. Easy to do and very valuable….