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A few minutes ago, we reached another milestone with our app, FanStream. All Division I football teams now have their roster, schedule, and news inside the app. Except, they are not really inside the app unless you are offline since they come from the web. Huh?!

We know that its rare when someone does not have internet access. However, there are those times when you are in a plane (already changing in some planes), in a cave, or in the middle of the ocean. We build FanStream on the iPhone first because it has the coolest interface and a lot of “wow” factor. Each time you open the application, it looks for the latest content from our servers. If you do not have a net connection, it’ll still work fine — just without the up to the minute updates. If you do, you’ll have the very latest news, updated schedules (for when the TV station changes the time), and roster.

Here’s another cool feature for the iPhone users…we’ve integrated location-based services to find out where all the FanStream viewers are when they are using the application. Want to test it out? Take your iPhone, open FanStream (link to FanStream in the App Store), and choose any team’s news. Click on a News article and read the summary. Then, to read the full article click “View WebSite”. When you do this, the iPhone Safari web broswer will ask you if its OK to use your current location. Tell it Yes. This sends data back to us of the date, time, and location. We’re able to plot your location on a map and you’ll be able to see where other FanStream viewers are in real time.

Right now, you cannot tell who is exactly where since its not integrated with a user management system. Stay tuned…

Want to help make the app better? We’re looking for the following:

  • Photos to be used for specific team backgrounds – these need to be taken by you or able to be used in our app (no licensed photos!)
  • Game commentators – each game in our system needs a pre-game and post-game comment from fans. We want opinions from fans on both sides of the game.
  • Your ideas: what would you like to see in the app? We’re sports fan and want FanStream to be your game companion.

If you have ideas, thoughts, etc, e-mail me or post it in our forums over at the site.

In a few more weeks, we’ll have FanStream for the BlackBerry and other phones.

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