It’s been a wild summer. The world recession seems to be in the process of ending – people are starting to go out and spend money. Our WebMedley clients are reporting their businesses are seeing improved sales and more traffic on their sites.

This post is the first update in some time. Since the last one, I simplified the blog (new design) and added in a few plug-ins for facebook and Twitter. Both add ins are free – another reason we love using WordPress.

We’ve launched about 20 web sites, 20+ social media pages for clients, and helped them receive millions of impressions for the ads. If you know me well, you’ll know we don’t measure by impressions – we measure by sales. But the word “millions” sure does sound good, huh?

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What’s coming up this fall? Quite a bit.

WebMedley will be officially 2 years old (10/1/10) under our ownership.

The new Coach Calipari web site will launch (in about a week). It’ll be a great new site – incorporating feedback from viewers while using the latest Net tools to enhance the experience.

We’ll have specialty t-shirts out – only 500 made – and release them in a series.

The WebMedley designed silly bands will hit the shelves this week.

Two more guys in the office get married (already had one this summer).

We’re slowing down growth. I’ll talk about this a bit more in the WebMedley blog, but here’s the gist: we’ve done a good job turning the company around, establishing a firm foundation, and now we have to really knock it out of the park to get ready for the next stage. We’d like to offer two distinct levels of service and we’ll need a smooth machine with referral-happy clients to do so.

I’ll leave you with this – one of the greatest motivational scenes from a movie.