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It’s time to look toward 2011 and 2012. 2010 was full of changes for the company (Lexington’s online marketing company!) and for my family. So as I look forward, its time to set-up the structure allowing me to make the most of 2011 with an eye on the far future (meaning 2012!).

The online marketing business has seen excellent growth in 2010. Online ad spending continues to set records. One in four pages viewed on the web in the US are now at Facebook.

People are looking for alternatives to traditional advertising. Online marketing certainly fits the need. Why? It’s generally less expensive than traditional media and can be tracked using a variety of tools. This isn’t to say one should forego traditional media outlets (TV, print, radio). Integrated marketing using all of the methods is generally the best place to start and then one would refine as results arrive.

We’re expanding our online advertising options to include local media and niche site ad buys. For instance, WebMedley already offers online ad management for facebook, Google, and a few other well-known sites. The expansion allows us to help our clients buy online ads at local media sites like WTVQ, WKYT, WLEX, Smiley Pete’s sites, and more. If the client operates in a particular niche market and local ads do not fit, then we’ll seek out blogs and forums applicable to the niche. For example, if our client sells Ford Mustang parts, we’ll find sites like http://www.allfordmustangs.com/ to place ads.

This move makes WebMedley Lexington’s first and only independent, full service online media buying company. There are other firms placing ads through a third party service and outsourcing almost all of the work. Not us. We use the tools that sites like Google offer, but the work is performed by WebMedley staff and tracked using some third party and home grown tools. We analyze all the data and make recommendations based on the analysis.

Keep an eye out on the WebMedley blog for the full service description and official news release.

This change helps us increase service to our existing clients and will grow the business through new clients in need of help. Instead of a client managing 3-10 online media outlets, the client can work directly with us and we’ll manage the buys, changes, and analysis.

Thanks to everyone who provided input and advice related to this decision. I’d name names, but some requested anonymity.