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Gratitude on my Birthday

Gratitude on my Birthday

I’m up just before 8 am on my birthday. A little tiger blood after a night out…

Last night, I was lucky enough to have friends and family come over and share the birthday-eve festivities.

Thanks to Debbie Green for ordering, Brandon for picking up, Justin for double-checking, and my mother (saint of all saints) for helping me put it all together. Couldn’t have done it without her. Couldn’t do a lot without her.

Thanks to Jen for allowing the boys to come over and have fun with me.

My boys always show me the path to the good side of the Force (ha ha). Ian, Nash, and Parker — I’m proud, thankful, and humbled by you.

Barbara and Jeremy: I love being the guy you two use as an excuse to go out and party.

Meghan for the most hilarious birthday gift I’ve received in years.

The guys at the office for allowing me to vent, share, and learn.

And I suppose I should thank the gods of Liquor Barn for the new bounty in my bar.

Thanks to Beth for the surprise limo, dinner, and drinks. You topped off the evening wonderfully. Marcus, I’m glad you joined us.

It was a perfect birthday celebration.

As I write this, bloody mary in hand, its about to rain.
Change and growth.
Required for life.

Its a year of change for me. I’m rounding second base on the way home. I appreciate all of the support from friends and clients (most of whom are friends). Most of you know the changes we’re enjoying at WebMedley. It’s not going to be easy, but it will be fun and I’ll continue to learn. Thanks for the opportunity to do it.

And now, a few fun pictures from last night…

Marcus and Bill

Beth and Bill

Beth and Marcus

Barbara (my sister IRL) and Jeremy

kids filling up water balloons

Have a great June.

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