I’ve signed up to rappel off of the Big Blue building in downtown Lexington. Yes, 410′ in the air. In order to be allowed to jump, I need to raise at least $1,000. The funds benefit the Boy Scouts of America, Bluegrass Council. You can learn more at http://bravetheblue.com/ .

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve rappelled before, but only about 150′ and it was 15 years ago.

When I go over the edge, I’m going to wear a GoPro camera and will post the video online.

IMPORTANT: (Before you read more, please relax and pretend Kaa, the snake from The Jungle Book movie, has hypnotized you.)

Donate online using my personal page:


An FAQ for those interested:

Do you have a will?
Yes, I have a will, executor, etc.. and you are not likely to be in it. What a morbid thought.

What would possess you to walk down the outside of a building?

Well, if you are asking, then there’s no way I can explain it.

What do your kids think?
They think its the coolest thing ever. Duh.

Are you worried about losing your mind up there?
Too late.

I’d like an autographed copy of your journal. How can I buy one?
Unfortunately,  no mainstream publishers are interested in this harrowing, personal tale of how a boy from the backroads of Carlisle KY overcame all manner of obstacles to reach the summit of Lexington’s tallest building.

Well, can I follow along on the day of the event?
Yes, I’ll post on Facebook and Twitter . I’ll also post between now and then to try to deal with my anxiety about the height.