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Building a Statement of Work

I help companies refine what they want to achieve with technology/services and find vendors (internal or external) to help them build the technology and related processes. In the past 3 months, I’ve been asked to share some of the tools I use when helping my clients develop a plan for successful technology projects. Two of the tools I use are

Largest Listing of Credit Cards in the US — Recent Project

We recently launched the largest directory of credit cards in the US for The Complete Credit Card Index ( ) compares the current APR rates for over 1,300 credit cards that are offered in the United States. This is the first time comprehensive credit card data like this has been available in one place. Congratulations to everyone

Local Company, National Press

Congratulations to one of my clients: Lightworks New Media, for getting press in CIO magazine on niche social networks. Lightworks works very hard to provide a great environment for people interested in networking about faith and using tools to make working in the faith-world easier.

Professional Service Firm Web Sites

While on a semi-holiday (not in the office, but working), I read a blog post by David Maister entitled Digital Marketing for Professional Firms. As usual, I enjoyed reading his post — but the comments are better. Michelle Golden wrote a great response and I must cross post and comment. Emphasis added is mine. I agree entirely with “‘demonstrate don’t

Pricing Hourly versus Value Pricing – How much do you want to track?

I’ve reached the point in my professional life when I’ve decided to price on the value of services delivered no matter the time required to deliver the service (end result). The rest of this post explains why time tracking is bad and value pricing is good. I’ll have future posts on the challenges and overcoming my historical pricing by hours.

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