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Building a Statement of Work

I help companies refine what they want to achieve with technology/services and find vendors (internal or external) to help them build the technology and related processes. In the past 3 months, I’ve been asked to share some of the tools I use when helping my clients develop a plan for successful technology projects. Two of the tools I use are

ISBO Presentation: Tech and Business Tools

The presentation from yesterday is online at SlideShare and embedded below. If you’d like the PowerPoint file, here you go: Technology, the Net, and Your Time. A “near transcript” of the presentation can be found on the ISBO site. Technology The Net And Your Time View SlideShare presentation (tags: technology tool online tip)

10 Tips to Save Money Using Technology

From time to time, I’m asked — can tech save my company money? It can. Without tech, we might not have companies! This is a list of questions related to saving money on operational costs by using your IT systems better. If you’ve got any ideas about saving money or containing costs, e-mail them to me at or post

Commerce Lexington 'Outlook Seminar' Video

This was a very successful event and a packed house! I hope everyone learned something from this seminar. The video from the event is online. I recorded another one if you’d like to get the highlights or see the screens a bit better than the Commerce Lexington video. Since I did not give away the Microsoft goodies at the event,

Update: You've Got More Than Mail — Seminar this week

The seminar on Outlook productivity is happening this Tuesday at 3:30 – 5:00 and its no cost to all Commerce Lexington members. I plan to speak for about 30-45 minutes and then open up the floor for Q&A. I’m reviewing Xobni and the LinkedIn toolbar — both are excellent for people who network for a living. —– Update after the

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