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Building a Statement of Work

I help companies refine what they want to achieve with technology/services and find vendors (internal or external) to help them build the technology and related processes. In the past 3 months, I’ve been asked to share some of the tools I use when helping my clients develop a plan for successful technology projects. Two of the tools I use are

Weeks to Live: Motivational?

If you knew how many weeks you had left to live, would it motivate you to accomplish your goals? Would you be stressed at the perceived time left? I read a post at Reddit titled “made for myself, thought of you. Weeks left perspective“. The article shows an image with circles for each week you’ve lived. The idea is you

Tip to Automatically Dial a Phone Extension

I’m on a lot of conference calls requiring an extension to be dialed. Since I’m often in the car or walking while talking, I need a quick way to enter the extension and the “#” button. There’s a nice tool for Apple iPhones and Android phones to help speed the dialing. The meeting invites typically look like this: Phone Number:

Working all the time and loving it

I am thankful to be able to work all the time. The last year gave a lot of people pause — do I have a job? Where is the check coming from? Etc Well, I’d like to thank our clients for helping us grow, my team for putting in the time, and our contractors for filling out our needs. An

Zig Ziglar Interview Notes

Today, I’ve been fortunate enough to be at an event, ISC 2009, that wraps up with Zig Ziglar being interviewed by his youngest daughter. These are my notes from the presentation. Zig fell a while ago and has some balance and short term memory loss. He did not let this slow him down though. Learning…he always learns and tries to

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