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Online Safety for Parents and Children

  My boys are active on the Internet. I’ve worked in tech for over 20 years and now speak about managing your digital life and technology risk. Recently, I discovered there is no training at some schools for children about online safety. This isn’t true for all schools, but it is for the one my children attend. So I started

Kicking off 2014 – The Places We’ll Go

2013 was not a fun year for many of my friends and acquaintances. In fact, the “13” may cement “bad luck” in their minds. I don’t subscribe to the thought that a year or some other arbitrary classification of time truly has an effect on us or something magical will change when it ends. However, its handy for us to

Thought from my Bulgarian Cab Driver

While leaving Scottsdale, I heard an interesting conversation with my Uber (taxi) driver about the state of the US. He emigrated to the US 23 years ago. First, he lived in San Francisco, then moved to Seattle, and has been in Scottsdale for the last year. I mentioned those are great cities and asked what prompted his moves. His comments

Megatrend Crosscurrents – spreading the news

Great post on the opportunities that exist in the world right now…. It is an exciting time to be an entrpreneur and an investor in tech startups. The history of tech investing is a series of waves or megatrends that come one after another. Mainframes to minicomputers to PCs to client server to Internet, for example. But right now we

Superbowl Time sponsored by Hip Hop

Sunday night is the night. Does it get any more historic than the Packers and Steelers? I love it.

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