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    Conference Call Tips

    Lately, I’ve been on a lot of conference calls and have more to look forward to. Instead of burning up my Verizon minutes or my clients’ long distance tolls, I’m going to call in using Skype. At $0.02/min, its the cheapest way to connect. Also, if you need a conferencing services, I’ve participated in great calls with The calls

    Today's Presentation

    Here’s today’s presentation, courtesy of Zoho.

    Ryanair vs Delta

    I’ve long been a fan of Delta. Since I live in Lexington KY, I grew up flying Delta. However, as I sit on a very crowded flight to San Diego, I’m beginning to reconsider. First, allow me to say that I understand revenue drivers — especially if Delta is coming out of bankruptcy. Ryanair is an Irish airline famous for

    Should You Sign Non-Compete/Non-Disclosure Agreements?

    Not in most cases. Our litigious US culture and organizations’ lack of differentiating ideas are my main reasons. Read on for the surprise reason.  (Before continuing, please understand my thoughts are for people who desire to have a long term advisory relationship with an organization [client]. For one-time engagements, my stance is a bit different.) Tonight, I read an article at

    Is Branding Worth it?

    Jim Logan talks about the value of branding. His post can be summed up with this quote: I bet if you paid corporate marketing personnel solely on the performance of the company, you’d have less branding campaigns and more direct response efforts – more offers with calls to action. Sadly, most marketing personnel aren’t directly compensated on revenue, growth, or

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