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    Follow up on State of the Industry

    Charles Zedlewski does a great job of explaining the developing software innovations at: He’s one of the people I read regularly and I had no idea he’d posted this. Silly me for missing it…

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention

    Necessity is the Mother of Invention I had two run ins today with necessity spurring invention. One is David Biesel’s post on how real innovation is about to happen due to the differentiation requirement in start-up companies. I agree with him since the advertising model is one that is working, but will taper off in a few years. This is

    Where is IT in its Lifespan?

    I wonder where IT (information technology) is in its lifespan? We’ve had computers for over 50 years now and computing devices for much longer. Recently, I read a slide from a professor at MIT (through their Opencourseware site) about the progress of manufacturing as compared to the progress of computer development. The slide is great because it shows that if

    Hosting with Yahoo

    Recently, I stopped using MT for the simple reason that I can get much more for the same ~$10/mo at Yahoo!. Seems straightforward, but I wonder how many people do not know that MT can be had for less??? My family and I have a good Christmas and are proceeding directly to the New Year. Here’s to you and yours

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