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    Gratitude on my Birthday

    I’m up just before 8 am on my birthday. A little tiger blood after a night out… Last night, I was lucky enough to have friends and family come over and share the birthday-eve festivities. Thanks to Debbie Green for ordering, Brandon for picking up, Justin for double-checking, and my mother (saint of all saints) for helping me put it

    Megatrend Crosscurrents – spreading the news

    Great post on the opportunities that exist in the world right now…. It is an exciting time to be an entrpreneur and an investor in tech startups. The history of tech investing is a series of waves or megatrends that come one after another. Mainframes to minicomputers to PCs to client server to Internet, for example. But right now we

    Dear AMEX – Funny One

    A few days ago, I made an inquiry to American Express. I have four different types of their cards (multiple business/personal uses) and have been a client since 1996. I requested that AMEX call me since there is (or was) a problem with their phone lines. Below, you’ll see the exchange of messages (start at the bottom and read up).

    Superbowl Time sponsored by Hip Hop

    Sunday night is the night. Does it get any more historic than the Packers and Steelers? I love it.

    New Year Planning

    It’s time to look toward 2011 and 2012. 2010 was full of changes for the company (Lexington’s online marketing company!) and for my family. So as I look forward, its time to set-up the structure allowing me to make the most of 2011 with an eye on the far future (meaning 2012!).