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    Mid-Summer Update & Great Video

    It’s been a wild summer. The world recession seems to be in the process of ending – people are starting to go out and spend money. Our WebMedley clients are reporting their businesses are seeing improved sales and more traffic on their sites.

    Working all the time and loving it

    I am thankful to be able to work all the time. The last year gave a lot of people pause — do I have a job? Where is the check coming from? Etc Well, I’d like to thank our clients for helping us grow, my team for putting in the time, and our contractors for filling out our needs. An

    What’s Going On in 2010 With Technology?

    There are a lot of predictions about technology – especially this time of year. After reading a number of these prediction lists and thinking about them, here’s what I think we’ll see this year. Google’s Android (mobile phone software) will get a lot of hype and developers will flock to it – generating true competition for Apple and the iPhone.

    Materials from the PRSA-KAGC Social Media Presentation

    I would like the thank the Thoroughbred Chapter of the PRSA and the KY Association of Government Communicators for allowing me to speak at their Fall conference. The slides and video (in a playlist) are below. How Can Social Media Fit Into My Daily Life? View more presentations from Bill Dotson.

    Getting Our Line of Credit

    We applied for a line of credit from our bank for the purposes of buying other hosting companies. Timeline: Early 90’s – I establish my personal account at Fifth-Third Late 90’s – I establish my first business account at Fifth-Third – just a checking account. In a few months, people started telling me I’d need a line of credit for