Today, I’ve been fortunate enough to be at an event, ISC 2009, that wraps up with Zig Ziglar being interviewed by his youngest daughter. These are my notes from the presentation.

Zig fell a while ago and has some balance and short term memory loss. He did not let this slow him down though.

Learning…he always learns and tries to learn…described his time in the car listening to other speakers.

You can get whatever you want in life as long as you spend time helping others get what they want.

When he was in school, he did not excel. He passed though. Never read a novel. He founded a center for ethical leadership.

His first job was in Fifth Grade at a grocery. His boss did not allow him to speak with any grammatical errors.

Learned you cannot make a good deal with a bad person.

He never worries. Its interest paid before its due. Always tell the truth and do the right thing and you don’t have to worry.

Funny one: “Read the Bible and newspaper every day so he knows what both sides are up to”

He and his daughter look at his recent injury and decided to write about it. Its a great way to make the most of the problem. His daughter reminded him about the things he repeated (due to the memory loss). He’s very good natured about the problem and I hope we all have the kind of support he does.