While leaving Scottsdale, I heard an interesting conversation with my Uber (taxi) driver about the state of the US.

He emigrated to the US 23 years ago. First, he lived in San Francisco, then moved to Seattle, and has been in Scottsdale for the last year. I mentioned those are great cities and asked what prompted his moves.

His comments were interesting:

Those other cities have too many rules… The people there say they are for safety and protection, but they’ve taken the rules too far. All places must have some rules, but the rules now cause us to fear the police more than the criminals. Police are to protect and serve, but not for things like talking on your telephone in a car or carrying a gun. This place [Scottsdale] is like the wild west and its much better. I grew up where we feared the police and not the criminals. The direction America is heading is not a good one.

I replied that he may end up in Texas then. He smiled and agreed.

You never know where ideas worthy of consideration will come from.