Intro Bio Options

  • A short bio with focus on technology risk:
    Bill is a partner at Rocker, a technology risk management & consulting company. His clients hire him to assess risk and put the right combination of IT tools, employee procedures, and cyber liability insurance in place to protect their assets.

    Rocker is Bill’s third company. He has three boys and spends his time outside work hiking, riding a motorcycle, and looking for the next adventure.

    For a more general audience:
    Bill Dotson is a speaker, technology consultant, and entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience helping others understand and use the Internet to reach their goals.

    He is a father of three, a Lexington KY native, and believes in lifelong learning for everyone.

  • Longer Bio:
    Bill is a partner at Rocker, a technology consulting firm.

    He started his first tech company at age 22 shortly after returning to the US from a teaching engagement in Japan. It was in Japan and in the first few years of his business that Bill decided he enjoyed teaching and traveling. The University of KY asked him to teach e-commerce around the same time associations and companies asked him to bring their members and employees up to speed on the expectations of modern buyers. He’s been speaking to audiences ever since.

    Bill sold the first company after spending a week at MIT in the Entrepreneur Development Program. It was time to move on and into the next company.

    Together with a new business partner, he bought one of his client’s businesses, turned the operation around, and sold it in 2015. They started Rocker and focus on technology risk management, consulting, and speaking about using tech to grow & simplify businesses.

    Now at his new company, Rocker, Bill spends his time helping individuals and organizations achieve goals using technology and creative business processes. You can stay in touch with Bill on Twitter @bdotson or his personal site:

Bill Dotson Headshot
Bill Dotson headshot

A/V Preferences

  • Bill brings his Mac, connection dongles for VGA and HDMI, and “clicker”.

  • All you have to do is provide power, a projector & screen or displays, and an Internet connection.

  • If the audience is small and acoustics in the room are right, then you do not need to provide a microphone. If you believe a microphone is required, Bill prefers a lavalier over handheld.


Every speaking engagement receives a customized web page with the presentation in a PDF and links to the resources mentioned in the presentation. You will not need to print Bill’s presentation in advance for your audience.